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Nubia-One of Bellsing Partners launch the yearly Most Compet

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Nubia, on June 28th, launch the 1st Hybird earphone which combined one BA  and one dynamic receiver in the National Conference Center, Beijing. Bellsing AMBA receiver catch the eyes again.

On the Conference, with the professional analysis test & the gold ear test on the hybrid earphone, the excellent sound quality can challenge the thousands RMB standards, which approves to be the yearly most competitive. And the core acoustic component is using Bellsing AMBA receiver which use the Military-level arcing welding technology, based on it’s high resolving and high frequency extension, this earphone have made it successfully to be the top level on the music enjoy with Bellsing AMBA support.

The military-level arcing tech is one of the core technology in Bellsing AMBA. Balanced armature is the precisely miniature component and it’s core drive rob diameter tolerance based on unit μ, only 0.05mm. The core principles of Arc discharge welding: simultaneous conduction to the armature rod material movement, the tip of spark formation on the armature bath, with the introduction of the discharge end of the conductive rod rapid cooling, fine conductive rod will firmly " implanted "in the armature above.

Nubia hybrid earphone directly with some one hundred yuan entry-level balanced armature on the market to do a detailed comparison. Today, the domestic "Hybrid" quick to heat up, consumers are often reflected in the "iron" insufficient taste, precisely because of its lack of use of some domestic duplicate-style manufacturers BA core technology, resulting in high-quality low-cost and does not, can not be called real "balanced armature," so bring consumers poor consumer experience. According to test data Nubia given this quality can match enthusiast earphone, while it "heart": Bellsing AMBA receiver - its frequency response data and the subjective sense of hearing same with thousands price earphone. Bellsing AMBA based on it’s  very high quality as exclusive supplier for Nubia, to create the highest competitive earphone. To work with Nubia to create product exceeding customer expectations, giving users a high cost product experience, Bellsing optimize and adjust its sound material and core technology to implement the "iron flavor" design concept. Bellsing’s AMBA receiver through a comprehensive Nubia team higher than the industry standard tests to ensure perfect sound output in a variety of environments. We believe that the sound of Bellsing BA receiver in Nubia earphone with its excellent musical expression, it will be this summer's best music gift.

Bellssing Acoustic is determined to become the world's most influential products and Solution Providers in this field, since 2010, has shipped more than 3000000 piece AMBA to all customers around the world together, listening perception. We believe in the future in acoustics, Bellsing with leading technology, excellent product quality, will together with customers to create better products.

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