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Bellsing Production Lines Annual Capacity up to 10 Million

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It is of historical significance to Bellsing Acoustic on Aug 28,2016.
Bellsing has successfully fulfilled the project of expanding the plant in Suzhou, and the new production lines have come into operation. The plant is located in industrial park in Suzhou and has an area of 3000 square meters with expansion.

The increase of production lines means Bellsing Acoustic will own 8 modern production lines of AMBA moving iron units with monthly production capacity up to 800, 000 units, which is a real qualitative leap. Bellsing will continue to expand production capacity. It is estimated to reach 10 million units by the end of 2016, which symbolizes Bellsing has a great advantage over manufacturing hi-precision devices in acoustic industry.

A globally large-scale application of Bellsing AMBA moving iron units will push rapid development of the global moving iron industry, which breaks decades of monopoly of some foreign enterprises and realizes “Made-in China” in the forefront and the most advanced technology of miniature balanced armature, the high-precision acoustic field.
Bellsing aims to extraordinary performance with creative mind. The increase of production lines in Suzhou is to meet the demand of Bellsing‘s development in the moment and in the future.

Currently, the concept of Industry 4.0 is sweeping the "world factory" China, all points to a core, that is, intelligent manufacturing. With emergence of more and more intelligent technology products integrating into our ordinary life, the field of acoustic manufacturing industry is impressively promising. Bellsing Acoustic always adheres to independent innovation, focuses on the forefront and the most advanced technology in the field of acoustic high-precision miniature electro-acoustic and acoustic-electronic devices, and insists on automation, information and intelligent development path, therefore to substantially push the transformation and upgrading of acoustic industry manufacturing globally.

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