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Bellsing obtained the award of New and High-tech Enterprise

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Bellsing has successfully passed the certification of China’ s New and High-tech Enterprise  on November 21,which is organized by relevant state departments ,obtaining the award of New and High-tech Enterprise of China.
It has higher requirements for enterprise to get the certification,including products, patent achievements, research and development investment, growth index ,talent structure and so on. Bellsing started to implement this work in 2016,and experienced the procedure of information submitted,experts reviews,finance and tax audit,public hearings, and other reviews,finally made it.
This award shows that Bellsing scientific research ability and technology has gained  affirmation and recognition of our country. Bellsing will catch this opportunity to continue to strengthen research and development investment, improve independent innovation and service,and promote the industry progress so as to achieve a good vision of development by taking full play to the advantages of high-tech enterprise.

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