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Investment in TMT—Bellsing Miniature Electro-acoustic Compo

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China Merchants Securities held 2017 annual investment strategy meeting on Dec. 6, 2016 in Shenzhen. A series of investment strategy reports including Macroeconomic in 2017, A-Share Market, H-share Market and the related industry were released. Bellsing was invited to attend the meeting and exchanged views with listed companies such as Fenda Tech. and Luxshare ICT. Mr. Ryan Lee, CTO of Bellsing, delivered a speech themed with “Development Tendency of Balanced Armature Receivers Industry against Intelligentized Evolution of TWS Headphones”, talking about opportunities and challenges in the high-precision electronic components industry and discussing development prospect.
Mr. Ryan Lee sharing a speech on Development Tendency of Acoustic Component Applied in TWS Headphones.

Application Scenarios of TWS Smart Headphones at present

Communication with Enterprises and Investors
Intelligent hardware rises in the era of Big Data along with rapid growth of high-precision electro-acoustic industry.

Compared with traditional electro-acoustic components, balanced armature receivers, as representative of high-precision electro-acoustic transducers, are characterized with tiny configuration, high fidelity, high sensitivity and low-power consumption.

With thriving artificial intelligence and big data against cloud era, man-machine speech interface will lead rapid development of electro-acoustics. Due to traditional manufacturing and processing technology, the total output of balanced armature receivers in global are less than 80 million in 2016. Judging from that, it is a fact that global output of balanced armature receivers are insufficient, therefore, it is an inevitable tendency that balanced armature receivers shall be automatically produced.

Thanks to domestic new technology, new markets and talents reserve and years of technology innovation and accumulation, Bellsing Acoustic will officially launch the first automatic production line in the world in 2017, which will substantially upgrade the global output of balanced armature receivers, change the industry pattern, and push its development in the era of smart hardware. It is estimated that the speed of automatic production of balanced armature receivers will go beyond market expectation. The year of 2017 will witness the balanced armature receivers industry will meet new opportunities.

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