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Listen up: connected hearing aids on show at CES @ Oticon

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Oticon, a specialist in hearing aid technology will showcase Oticon Opn at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas from January 5-8, 2017. The device will also feature at today’s (January 3) CES Unveiled event.

Oticon Opn is claimed to be the world’s first hearing aid to connect to the internet via the IFTTT network. The small, discreet hearing aid can be programmed to talk directly with doorbells, smoke detectors and other smart devices via the Oticon On app. The product was designed to better handle noisy environments with multiple speakers.

The group will offer interactive displays and hands-on demonstrations of Opn’s internet connectivity at stand 41946 at Sands Expo Tech West in the Accessibility Marketplace area.

Oticon audiologists and IoT specialists will be on hand to give visitors to the Oticon exhibit a smart home experience of Opn in action, featuring a range of connected technology including smart doorbells, TVs, lighting, safety equipment and appliances. So-called ‘recipes’ created with IFTTT from real users – including a top business executive and a teenager – will help to demonstrate the capabilities of Opn for those with hearing loss.

Oticon Opn has also been awarded with 2017 CES Innovations Awards in two categories – Tech for a Better World and Wearable Technologies.

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